Heroes of a Generation is committed not only to preserving the history of our veterans, but to helping those veterans that need our support. Many veterans return home both physically and mentally wounded and your donations will help the vital work that veterans service organizations are doing to help rehabilitate our veterans and make their transition back into civilian life easier. Many of our vets also come home and fall into poverty or end up homeless, and Heroes of a Generation is also committed to making sure that these veterans are not overlooked, but are helped. By donating to Heroes of a Generation your money will go towards various veterans aid organizations such as wounded warriors, the Arizona Stand Down, and many other worthy causes. If you have a sppecific cause hat you would like your donation to go towards please let us know and we will will help you direct your donation. We accept monetary donations, and donations of clothing, furniture, and house wares. Heroes of a generation is a project of KIDPOWER USA a 501(c)(3) organization.

Please sents all donations to

Heroes of a Generation
4971 East Rockridge Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85018

If you have any questions please contact our director of development at

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