Heroes Of A Generation

Heroes of a Generation would like to thank all those who served in our armed forces for their service and sacrifice. Whether you served in peacetime or wartime, you helped to make our country safe, secure, and free. We owe you our deepest gratitude and respect. Your bravery and sacrifice allow all Americans to live in peace.

New Update

We have a new story from Captain John Craig. Mr. Craig was an officer in the 70th Division and was involved in the Battle of the Bulge.

In order to keep putting out these stories of heroism and bravery we need your help. Please submit your stories and contact us if you would like to be personally interviewed or if you have any comments or suggestions. Thank you to all U.S. veterans who served our country for your brave service to our country. You are all truly heroes!

HeroesOfAGeneration.com is designed to be a multi-purpose website that provides the history of U.S. wars through the eyes of the Veterans. It provides testimonials  and stories written by Veterans of those wars.

The website, which contains primary sources, is also intended to be a learning tool for future generations for research and study. It also contains many pictures, which allow us to get a firsthand look at what life was actually like during the war.

If you are a veteran, we would love to include your story on our page.

This site is a work in progress; it can only continue to grow through your participation and the sharing of your stories. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy it.

Check out our newest story from John Craig which can be found in the WWII section under the European Theater. 

John Craig fought in the European Theater of Operations and was the commandant of a POW camp for captured German soldiers after the end of the war.

We are working on new stories everyday. Please check back for updates.

Please share your stories. Thank you.