Lindsey Wallace

  • Birth Date: 08/11/1980                           
  • Place of Birth: Lansing, MI
  • State of Residence: Arizona
  • Years of Service: 4 years at West Point, 5 years Active Duty, 3 years In Active Army Reserve
  • Branch of Military: Army
  • Division: Signal Corps
  • Rank: Captain
  • Wars Involved In: Afghanistan
  • Theater(s) of Operation: Europe



I started my military career after graduating from United States Military Academy – West Point with a degree in Psychology and Systems Engineering. I attended and graduated from Airborne School at Ft. Benning, GA before going to the Signal Officer Basic Course in Agusta, GA.

Upon completion of SOBC, my first assignment was being the Executive Officer for the 11th Signal Detachment – 43rd Signal Battalion, in Mannheim Germany. I was in charge of maintenance and supply for the detachment. Our mission was to fix COMSEC for the entire European and South East Asian Regions.

My next assignment was a Platoon Leader for C Co – 44th Signal Battalion – 7th Signal Brigade, in Mannheim, Germany. Our mission was to provide tactical communications packages to units in a field environment, providing them internet and phone capabilities.

Subsequently, I was requested to become the Signal Officer for the 173rd Support Battalion – 173rd Infantry Brigade out of Vicenza Italy. We deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan in February, 2005. My team was responsible for providing internet, landline and cell phone, SINCGAR radio, blue force tracker, and TAC SAT support for the 173rd Infantry Battalion. I was in Kandahar, Afghanistan for a little more than a year. I pinned on my rank of CPT on the Air Field in Kandahar. During my deployment time, my most memorable experience was being able to collect and deliver a giant truck size container filled with humanitarian aid supplies to Afghanis in a small village near Kandahar. I received a Combat Action Badge because I was in very close proximity to where a mortar landed. I consider myself very lucky because many of my former classmates, soldiers, and friends, did not make it home to be able to tell their stories.

Following my deployment to Afghanistan, I went back to Mannheim, Germany and became the Assistant S3 Plans Officer for the 7th Signal Brigade. My main mission was to write operations orders for the brigade. I decided that I was going to get out of the military in 2007.

I served 3 years in the In Active Reserve and completed my military service in 2010.

In my years of service, I met some amazing people, traveled to places that I never dreamed of going, and had many memorable experiences.

I am currently a civilian, living in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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